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School is in session.

And, it’s scary what they’re teaching these days. You can gain expertise in nearly any niche that catches your fancy — even torture, mutilation and sadistic serial murder.

Serial School is proof of that.

This isn’t your conventional academic experience by a long shot. Unless your last name is Bundy, Ridgeway or Ramirez, this school offers not a single lesson or demonstration you would ever want to endure.

The entire higher learning experience of Serial School involves honing enhance ‘kills.’ Students prove their prowess and proficiency in prolific evil with the guidance of instructors well-versed in every aspect of the ‘art’ of torture and torment.


In the unhallowed halls of Serial School, hidden caverns of chaos and calamity, ‘class’ is an exercise in horror. Under the cover of a modeling enterprise and operating just under the radar of law enforcement, subjects at Serial School are hands-on, as actual subjects, real human females, are used in classroom ‘exercises.’

Sadistic students watch in delight as professors of pain mete out unspeakable acts of depravity against women who have been lured to the school under the guise of legit modeling gigs.


Unsuspecting subjects are also often abducted at random...or chosen very specifically to settle a score.

No women are safe, including women of law enforcement. They’ve tried to infiltrate this killing network before, to no avail. Several within the ranks have scars both physical and psychological to show for their trouble. But several tough female cops aren’t about to let this thing go, because for them, it’s way too personal. Serial School is the grisly tale of their efforts to go undercover, risk life and limb and bring the sadistic network down for good.

Along the way we learn that the women are caught in a corrupt, sticky and far-reaching web of sadism, which has been carefully woven by the very men who they have trusted to protect them. As allies become adversaries and friends become foes, the women find themselves in way too deep. There are no good guys in Serial School, or in law enforcement it turns out.

These women face betrayal of the worst kind as those they once trusted, even loved, now wield the power to end their lives...after pushing them to the most profound levels of human suffering, of course.

In the genre of SAW and with the psychological suspense and drama of Kiss The Girls, Serial School takes us to a place where human compassion does not see the light of day, a place where ‘students’ and ‘teachers’ delight in sadism without shame and victims plead for a mercy which does not exist.


Told with graphic imagery and heart-racing intensity, Serial School is the stuff of nightmares where screams fall on deaf ears.




Available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK. Coming soon to Amazon Prime Video US.

Also available on the channel on Roku TV.

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